Manifesto: Relish the Pain

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Manifesto: Relish the Pain

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The project Manifesto is an epitome of my design language and personality, consisting of a seven points, some of which are famous quotes:

  1. Don not create and analyze at the same time; they are separate stages.

  2. Break all the rules by leaving plenty of room for variables.

  3. Nothing is a mistake. There's no win and no fail, there's only make.

  4. Shut up. Talk less and work more.

  5. Do only one thing at a time.

  6. Sleep early; wake up early.

  7. A good core habit will eventually create a chain of continuous positive habits.

Inspired by Kinbaku, the Japanese art of bandage, I employed nothing but rope and paper to construct a physical representation of the main theme throughout the seven points.